Post B-DAY Weekend


Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

I just wanted to say a quick hello and share a few pictures of outfits I wore recently on my post birthday weekend. I love white especially on a sunny day and having the chance to team this white lace-y dress with my new pair of white rubber shoes was a combination I found completely irresistible. I got this pretty dress a few months ago I cannot recall where exactly but we have been inseparable ever since. It is so chic and comfortable, I love the super easy flow silhouette and of course the lace sleeve!


The rubber shoes were a perfect fit since I spent most of my Saturday morning moving from one place to another and that’s when I realized how comfy they are and just how much I really love them! Now of course the problem is I cannot really imagine wearing anything else and you can only wear them for so long before something spills on them or someone steps on you! Anyway I hope you are okay with seeing them a lot more on this blog in the near future!



forgot to carry a belt so i had to be creative scarf it is!
forgot to carry a belt so i had to be creative scarf it is!


As it turns out, the chemistry between me and the beach was undeniable, that said how could I leave without saying goodbye? So, even Sunday being my last day of the trip I just could not stay away. I made sure to spend most of the day on the beach and I got something in return as a memento of my visit, sunburn!!!


Nonetheless, I enjoyed the sunny weather that was coupled with a light ocean breeze. I will admit though I really wish I had brought along my bathing suit but just getting my feet into the chilly water was good enough. I couldn’t help but want to hit pause just so that I can enjoy this day a tad longer…is there anything better than the breeze and smell of the ocean and sun on your skin? A little slice of paradise if you ask me!


I could not get enough of this coral maxi skirt as it was perfect for walking down and bum around the beach collecting LOTS of shells for keepsake!


I am back in Nairobi and still longing for those relaxing north coast days and nights but it’s all good as I am busy working on my next exciting chapter starting October, stay tuned!

Thank you for reading,

keep on smiling





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