Good morning and happy almost weekend, darlings! Are you excited for the weekend? I know I am! DSCN1021

You only live once why not look fabulous while doing so and I believe you don’t have to break the bank in order to look good. Here are two ways you can live dress well for less!

Recycle: you can shop for an exciting “new” outfit in your own wardrobe by finding things you haven’t worn for a while and giving them a fresh new look by making alterations or pairing them with something new. Or have a discards-and-treasures party with friends where you get together little worn clothing and other items and offer them to each other before donating the rest to charity. I haven’t tried this one personally but I think the party with friends is a great idea! Also repair rather than replace torn or broken but salvageable items or pass them on someone else who will!!there is joy in giving, guys!

Thrift: this is my personal favorite and I will start off with saying that I am mostly a thrift store shopper. I am finding that coming across real, personal style is way better than browsing a fashion magazine and especially when it is built around thrift-ed items. When I have the time to treasure hunt, I do enjoy it so much and I have found so many fashion favorites from second hand stores and markets. There are a lot of us thrifters out there and it is nice to see how different people style their individual finds.who doesn’t love a good bargain!


On a separate note, am I feeling old? Probably…yes, I do. Or am I just turning into a more boring version of myself? I don’t know. But I am definitely becoming more and more restless the older I get, which is kind of strange. It should be the other way around right? A few more years and I won’t be able to sit still for even half an hour. Also, there is this new found love I have for cows, yes you read right cows! I don’t know how or when it happened because the last time I remember I couldn’t even stand the smell of cows. Honestly, they were the only reason I attended The Nairobi International Trade Fair! But maybe my recent growing interest in agriculture has something to do with it as well! And who knows I could soon be buying a cow, a calf maybe?


DSCN1020-1black and white

outfit details

pants- Adams arcade ksh 300!

printed top-gikomba market ksh 30!

shoes -Adams arcade ksh 700!

coat- thrifted around town ksh 300!

sequined clutch bag- less than 5$

photography by:Enzo

Thank you for reading

Don’t forget to smile

happy thrifting loves!


wambui wambui

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