six degrees of midi – part 2

Good Afternoon and happy almost weekend, guys!

wed mid

……and the A-line midi skirt challenge continues

there’s nothing basic about this fashion mainstay!!

As challenging as it maybe I don’t think you could ever go wrong in a basic white tee and this being a solid color it should be effortless. The whole point of dressing up is to feel comfortable and stylish and I think a simple tee will help you achieve maximum flattery when rocking this girlie skirt. And seeing as I do not have super model pins I chose to wear heels because somehow I look even shorter in this skirt! They helped me add the necessary bit of height and femininity. Also, you’ll be shocked how much more slimming the whole look instantly became! I don’t know about you guys but in my book that’s a plus!!



sequined Tee-my new wardrobe workhorse:-)




On a separate note, the new season of revenge is out well not yet complete but…wow! The episodes that are out had me gasping and screaming from all the twists and turns while giggling at how many prints Nolan can actually wear at onetime! Revenge is definitely a dish best served serialized one delicious episode at a time!!

Have a great rest of the week loves and thank you for reading
Don’t forget to smile



photography by-Enzo

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