Good evening loves!sometimes don’t you want to drag the weekend out as much as possible?feels like it was Friday eleven minutes ago!Anyway just wanted to say a quick hello find out how you all are doing and did you miss me? I certainly did!:)

Its been a long day for me and I just want to grab me a cuppa and hit the sacks soon after!case in point,today’s outfit.This is my go to outfit on days like this when i just don’t feel like getting out of bed leave alone dressing up.The dress is old but a goldie that comes through for me every time!It is the perfect no-frills kind of outfit I was going for and the fail-safe blazer that doubles up as a trench coat came in handy with the right kick of au courant and not-trying-too-hard vibe to elevate this simple look. I mean in less than fifteen minutes I was all dressed up and ready to flounce!

And when it comes to lipstick orange is the new black (or red, rather):)plus it livens up this look!

what about you guys what is your go to outfit on this kind of days?DSCN2196DSCN2199DSCN2223-1DSCN2201

As always thank you for reading!

Goodnight muffins!

Talk soon and keep warm will you!



photography by:Enzo