My slit my choice


It still baffles me how somehow my hemline is someone else’s business! Anyway do you feel like you have a split personality when it comes to style? Because I certainly do! One side favors very pretty, girly pieces fit-and-flare dresses, full midi skirts and lace and the other side is all about ease comfort and simplicity.

Funny thing is I really dunno which personality is going to be waking up in the morning and suddenly get an urge to wear my split skirt and a casual crop top!mind=BLOWN. Am worried though that I might have to wake up thinking about everyone else’s personality before I dress up because somewhere along the way my dress or trouser become someone’s business! That’s also if I want to make it to the end of the day still dressed! If this vice is to be allowed it means that the next time someone looks at me in a way I don’t like I can just pluck their eyes out! It’s a breach of personal rights and violence against women and such Neanderthal barbarians need to be checked! Just my two cents!




Good evening lovelies!

Thank you for reading

keep on smiling



photography by:Enzo



4 thoughts on “My slit my choice

  1. Cindy

    ….and there goes my blogger friend turn activist…those archaic thinking men should find some museum to duck.she’s the wrong one!
    love the seam and the peak-a-boo slit 😉


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