Hearting Burgundy


Good afternoon, guys! How is your weekend going? I have been having a burgundy moment lately. And before I spotted this skirt I had visualized it in my head yes this exact design though maybe a bit longer with a hemline in the midi department.

I have to admit I am a bit particular about stuff especially clothes which I don’t think is a very good trait because shopping becomes harder. More so if its thrift shopping because it’s almost impossible to get what you want when you want it and shopping with a particular idea in mind blocks you from appreciating other equally good alternatives. Also during such times I tend to be quite indecisive but when I saw this skirt it was instant love and I couldn’t move my eyes away. The whole time I tried it on I kept hoping it would be a perfect fit and as you can see I had a woohoo moment!


DSCN2283-1DSCN2286-1Have a great afternoon!

Thank you for reading

stay tuned!




photography by:Enzo



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