photography by : Kegan King

Rise and shine beautiful people,

How’s your week going so far?

The longer I work on building a great wardrobe, the more I gravitate towards pieces that I really love and that are really versatile, I used to buy things because I felt like they filled gaps in my wardrobe, not because I really loved them. I also restricted myself with certain purchases because I felt like I already had too much of a certain color or style, so I couldn’t buy anymore. Now I have learnt that as long as I am not buying the exact same item, similar pieces are totally okay, and often come in handy when I’m styling my closet. It’s okay to have a ton of different black pumps, because sometimes an outfit really works well with a wedge shoe, or an ankle strap shoe, or a stiletto, or a pointed toe pump. Also that my buying iterations of the same pieces over and over helps me understand and determine what  styles and trends I respond to most. So having the versatility is really great. This mustard dress is a great example I almost overlooked it because my closet is overcrowded with body con dresses. I love them because they can easily be manipulated with the help of other garments or accessories to serve  both as official and casual wear. Besides once I tried it on, the dress claimed me!

I decided to accessorize with a red belt to break the monotony of this block colored dress for the official wear and later teamed it with a casual crop top to create a casual look.
As for the bright red lipstick it is my best mood-boosting antidote.




Thank you for reading
Stay chic
❤ rosemary


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