Sporting a Baseball Cap

“How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about.”
Philip Treacy


I can’t tell you how often someone tells me, ‘I love your hat! I wish I could wear one but I’m not a hat person.’ Not true, my friend. You just haven’t found the right one. Hats are an easy addition to your outfit and baseball caps in particular if done right, will take a basic ensemble from average to awesome. However achieving that cap styling correctness can be tricky and quite frankly daunting. So I have decided to show you one of the ways you can incorporate a baseball cap in your wardrobe not only for the bad hair days but as a regular item in your personal style. I loved this particular one from Red Sox hats because of its navy blue color that is subtle and extremely versatile. It can work from beach to brunch and even on a casual date however it may be a tad bit too relaxed for work or church. I teamed it with an over-sized sports jersey dress and thigh high boots to achieve a laid-back and relaxed yet ‘sporty chic’ look. Depending on preference you can switch the boots for some nice canvas or Bata Ngomas if that’s your fashion.

Finally finish off with a vibrant pout to make your style pop!
Bonus points if you flip your topper backwards and let your sunnies show!

Get your very own baseball cap and other sports apparel from fanatics.

They have got you covered.

As always thank you for stopping by!
Stay chic!


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