“Tie the Knot”

brm_1Good Afternoon, Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
I went out looking for a T-shirt dress but found this vest dress instead! It was love at first sight but after I tried it on I almost didn’t buy it because the fitting was a bit lose and it looked slouchy! Needless to say I bought it but I knew I wouldn’t wear it as is without altering it to my preference. When I got home I tried it on again so that I’d figure out what changes I wanted made to it. However, I ended up loving everything about the dress from the color to how it fit me because I realized I did’t need to take it to the tailor but with a little tweak would fit me perfectly. So, I tied a little knot at the bottom and voila! My perfect vest dress! It was a bit too long and wide at the bottom and though it added a casual careless spin to it I wasn’t really gaga for that look until when I decided to tie that little knot! I was a bit skeptical because I’ve only done this with maxi dresses so I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but I LOVED IT!


brm_9brm_10As always thank you for dropping by and sharing loves
Have a blessed Sunday!

& keep on smiling!
Outfit Details

white rubber shoes – (thrifted @ ksh500)also worn here and here

Grey Vest dress – thrifted @ ksh 300 🙂

over-sized denim shirt – thrifted @ ksh 200

chain link – instagram (favoured_jewels)


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