When your broke and you’re looking to NOT dress like everyone else, thrifting is IT.I started thrifting when I was a teenager out of necessity and over time it became less of a need and more of a joy. I love how you can find unique and rare pieces that set your style apart without breaking the bank.I love to treasure hunt as I have ended with really great things at unbelievable prices. More than three quarters of my wardrobe is made of thrifted pieces.For instance,in this post I am wearing less than $2! If you are in college money is tight and you still need to look great and stylish worry not,take it from me thrifting is the bomb dot com! I conquered and so can you! In a market like gikomba there is something for everyone from as little as Ten Kenya shillings!

brm_2brm_3brm_4brm_5brm_6brm_7brm_8Happy thrifting loves and take a friend or two its much more fun that way!

lets catch up soon!

Skirt – gikomba market ksh 50!

striped crop top – thrifted randomly ksh 100!

Chain link – favoured jewels


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