Knitly Dressed

brm_1I was persuaded to buy this knit dress a looong time back by one of my pals and I don’t know if it’s the fact that I wasn’t really sold on getting it or that I preferred a looser fit but it has been sitting on my wardrobe for years. I wore it to a friend’s graduation party and since then I actually forgot of its existence only to stumble upon it on one chilly morning! And for the life of me, I can’t remember exactly why I put it away but boy, am I glad I stumbled upon it! It’s quite versatile perfect for both formal and informal occasions. Knit dresses make for a perfect casual-Friday outfit idea it will take you from work to happy hour looking effortlessly stylish.

brm_2brm_3brm_4brm_5brm_6brm_7brm_8brm_9brm_10As always thank you for reading and sharing!

Keep on smiling

outfit Details

knit dress – thrifted @ only ksh 200!

kimono inspired sweater – thrifted

red pumps seen here

jewelry- favoured_ jewels


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