Dress Down


Hello guys!

I believe the ability to dress down an outfit is an essential part of any wardrobe that allows your dressy items to do double duty in casual outfits. This is definitely a Win Win for me since dressing down is my modus operandi plus I get more value for my money! I am a culprit of consciously or unconsciously setting aside dresses that are a bit dressy for special occasions and I have been trying to change that without looking overdressed. It is easy to dress down an ensemble with the help of a few items such as casual footwear, casual jewelry, casual handbag, say, kiondo, and also with the help of other outfits! There is no better way to dial down a dressy outfit than a simple T-shirt or just throwing on a sweater and you are good to go. So, here are two of the many ways I get to dress down this hi low dress!

1. I used a T-shirt,a pair of sandals and a kiondo to create a ‘sunsentional‘ laid back look.

brm_2brm_3brm_4brm_5brm_6brm"_72. In the second look I used a pullover,a neon belt and a pair of peep toe booties for a warm yet stylish look.

brm_8brm_9brm_9brm_10brm_11Thank you for stopping by and sharing guys ❀ ❀

keep on smiling

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Love and Love

catch up soon!

Outfit Details

Neon Pleat dress – seen here

Grey boots – thrifts

grey sweater – Toi Market

Navy Blue sandals – Bata shoes

Stripped Tee – gifted

Kiondo – gifted

14 thoughts on “Dress Down

  1. maurynwahu

    I like it best when you dress it down with the sweater, so cute πŸ™‚
    I’d appreciate it if you stopped by at my blog, it’s all about skincare. Goodclothes + Goodskin= Awesomeness πŸ™‚


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