Harriet the Spy

brmHello everyone, call me Britney :-),
The one thing I love about fashion is the ability to dress up and feel like a totally different person while at it! I love this checked cap because as soon as I have it on, it transports me into a world of secret agents and spies. There is a mysterious undercover feel that makes the day even more interesting and you will find me randomly throwing words such as “Rodger that” and “roger wilco” because we are on a mission(or so I feel)! It’s really funny because two years ago, whenever I would see someone (insert my mum) in a cap I would give them the “you look like you stepped right out of 1887” look. But as time went by I found my love for hats growing and well as they say, here we are (I totally made that up)!

brm1brm2I posted a similar look on my Instagram (see here) and my friend Maureen (Hi Mou:-)) requested I do a post on that look, My Response: Rodger Wilco! Well not in those exact words:-). This is another way that I get to use the simple” tie the knot “trick to add a casual careless spin to an ensemble(read the first one here )and to also make an outfit a little bit more fitting if it’s  bigger.

brm3brm4brm5brm3(whispering)Gotta go now I can’t stay at one place for too long 🙂
Thank you for stopping by loves

Stay Safe

Outfit Details

Denim Jacket- thrifted

checked cap – gifted

yellow vest – thrifted


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