brm1Hi Darlings! Happy Hump Day!
I believe simplicity is the ultimate mode of sophistication. This simple black dress stole my heart the moment I saw it not because of its basic black hue that I always consider as a worthy wardrobe investment but for the simple fact that it features an exposed back zipper! Normally, before I buy anything I take such a long time before deciding (I am a poor decision maker!)Whether or not it’s coming home with me but this particular dress I was so excited I couldn’t buy it first enough! Its super comfortable ,versatile and a classic that never gets old.From dinner to family gatherings as well as to the office its a perfect solution to various occasions! I teamed it with an orange peplum jacket that is a statement on its own!



brm4brm5brm6brm7brm8Thank you for stopping by loves

keep on smiling 🙂


Tangerine peplum Jacket – thrifted at BS

Exposed zipper black dress – Veteran house.

Neck piece – Favored_jewels


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