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brm1Hi Darlings!
You know how you find that dress that fits all your requirements but there is that small detail that is normally the deal breaker or in my case a reason to stop myself from impulse buying. When I first saw this dress I was in awe, the perfect fit, the stretch, length, the slit ,the long sleeve cum short sleeve ,the color, I felt like a champ because rarely do you find a perfect dress while thrift shopping. It was a dress party. But before I could throw myself a party, I saw the front pockets that made it look like a long sweat shirt! Bummer! I mean I’m all for details but this was one detail this dress didn’t need! I thought about the idea of not buying it for two-tenths of a second before deciding to buy it then just tear away the pocket because lucking out doesn’t happen every day in thrift shopping,my friend! When I got home I changed my mind after realizing I will be doing more harm than good by cutting out the pocket.

There are various ways to style this dress but for this look I paired it with a plaid shirt that I tied at the front and a pair of sandals!

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Outfit Details

Navy blue dress – Adams arcade

plaid shirt – gifted also seen here

Sandals – Bata shoes