Denim Dress-in

brm1Hey Darlings!
If I had to pick only a few wardrobe staples that every girl should have, a good chambray shirt would be at the top of the list. They are super versatile,cute and comfy especially if it’s made with soft denim. I have been trying to find a loose fit chambray shirt for a minute now to no avail. You know how you have this perfect look assembled in your mind but in real sense there is that one piece, in this case loose fit chambray shirt, missing to complete the puzzle look. I was going through such a moment sometime back and as I was trying to figure out how to recreate the look with the clothes I actually owned and not with my fantasy clothes, I remembered this (seen here) denim dress! And, Voila! That look I had in mind came to life! I wanted a loose fit chambray shirt teamed with a pencil skirt to create a look that is casual but well put together. But I had a denim dress and so I had to make do with what I have! I decided to wear the skirt over the dress and see how it turns out and I LOVED IT!

brm9brm10As Always Thank You For stopping by and Sharing Lovelies!

Stay Chic

Outfit Deets

Denim Dress – Nyayo Market also seen here

Burgundy Skirt – Thrifted Also seen here

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