#Habit Challenge Of The Month: September!

brm 1

Happy New month loves!

First things first, it’s my birthday month Woot! Woot! That explains why I thought spoiling myself every single day of this month makes for a very appropriate habit of the month but, my wallet disagrees! Such a kill joy!Decidedly,since am low on the cashola front I have to stick to my healthy habits and pick another one to develop this month and for all of five seconds I actually thought about cutting down on my sugar intake. Imagine that! On my birthday month who does that? Definitely not me! So I searched for a habit that will make this month less challenging and have that birthday feel. 🙂 So, this month’s habit challenge is reading a new book each month. I normally prefer habits that I can develop on a daily basis, they are a bit challenging but also effective since by the end of the month it’s a successful daily routine. Compared to that this month’s habit challenge feels like a walk in the park but it’s my birthday month I might as well go easy on myself!

brm2Today’s look is an ensemble that easily takes me from lunch to a night out with friends.During the day, I turn the vest blazer into a dress by cinching the waist and during the night I throw it a top a dress accessorize with a faux fur scarf and am good for the night.

brm3brm4brm5brm6brm7brm9brm8brm 10 Have a blissful month ahead!

Thank you for dropping by and sharing darlings

Keep on smiling

Outfit Details

Vest trench-coat – gifted

Green ruffle dress – Adams arcade

Faux fur scarf -also seen here

Chain links – Favoured_jewels

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