02/10/2015—Being Rosemary Turns 1

brm1Hey Guys, happy New Month!

After the long silence am glad to be back! How are you doing did you miss me cause I sure did!
This day last year I set out on my blogging journey one that I had probably thought about the whole year before that and kept putting it off but well you know what they say I didn’t choose the blog life the blog life chose me 🙂 .Anyway, I don’t have an off-the-hook blogging story to share with you guys or an amazing success story just a simple girl who needed a lifeline and this blog became that to her. This has been a great journey with both high and low moments but amazing all the same. When it’s close to my birthday I like to take a step back and take inventory of my life analyze where I am and where I am headed in terms of my goals in comparison to where I was an Year ago. This year,the retrospection took a little longer because my blog anniversary and birthday are a few days apart and so I also had to analyze the progress of “being Rosemary”. I may not be where I want to be but I am grateful for the far that I have come in both aspects of my life! I am most grateful for being able to share not only my personal style journey but also my life journey in general with you guys! And that now I cannot take an unusual break from the blog without getting numerous emails from you guys just checking up on me is humbling to say the least! I am more than grateful for all your love and continued support and most importantly for making me realize that we are in this life journey together! Thank you! Thank You! And again Thank you! Here to a great year full of blessings laughter and lots of love!

Yours truly



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