brm1I am one of those guys who before purchasing any product especially skin products I spend a considerable amount of time on the internet reading reviews. I find that to be helpful since you can gauge beforehand what to expect from the product or if you should even buy it at all. I have found myself doing this ever since I discovered google and I figured it is important for me to share some of my experiences with guys out there who are like me and find reviews to be helpful.

I got my first bottle of bio oil a couple of years back around the time that I also found out the meaning of acne. It was prescribed by a dermatologist but I had my doubts (still do) on using oil to get rid of acne and so I didn’t quite use it as I was supposed to because I felt like it only aggravated the break outs. It sat on my table for a minute before I decided to apply it on my stretch marks just so it doesn’t go to waste. This time however, I was out looking for a moisturizer when I bought it. I thought that will be a greater moisturizer that would help improve my skin tone while at it.

What I loved about bio oil is that it’s a great moisturizer plus a great treatment for uneven skin tone. I noticed that my skin tone had improved within the first two weeks of using it. You also don’t need to use a lot of it a drop goes a long way and also absorbs faster. It has a pleasant smell and I also loved how soft my skin felt within the first few days of using it.

However, within a few weeks of using it my skin started having itchy dry patches as well as break outs. I kept on using it since it claims that for effective results you should use it for 3-4 months(read product description here). Thinking that it works in the ‘it has to get really messy before it gets better” kind of way and I had only applied it for about a month I kept using it. But within a few days my face got so bad I had to discontinue. I am way too vain there was no way I was going to sit and watch as my face went from bad to worse! Now I have once again resulted to using it on stretch marks but I will not be purchasing it again and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has acne prone skin maybe to someone trying to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. It turned out to be such a bust and a waste of money again!

BRM5Have you ever used bio oil before? Did you love it or hate it?


18 thoughts on “PRODUCT REVIEW: Bio Oil

  1. purity

    Hi Rosemary,I have had acne prone skin for the longest time.

    Sorry but which dermatologist would recommend bio-oil!!Its expensive for nothing.

    However,Its really good on stretch marks like you mentioned.

    Probably I could tell u what i used and has worked for me for the last 5 years.I use a night cream -Retin-a that was prescribed by a dermatologist every night and an acne soap to unclog my pores.It has really worked.

    I enjoyed reading your review.


  2. purity

    I use retin-a 0.05% costs around sh.720 depending on the chemist.I bought mine in town-CBD.I think you would get it in any chemist.Remember to read more about it on google before purchase and you would probably do a review on it too.

    Thanks for replying Rosemary.


  3. Michelle

    Hey bio oil works best wen mixed with another product like your face moisturizer or body lotion..a couple of drops. Think of it like an essential gotta use a little to go a long way.

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  4. Michelle

    Bio oil is for stretch marks not acne..salycilyc acid 2% works well on acne and acne prone skin look for products that have such..for evening ur tone try pure vitamin E. It takes time bt works n no negative side effects just use it the right way. remember any good product can be bad if you use it wrong. Cheers:-)

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    • Being Rosemary

      Thank you so much Michelle your feedback is quite helpful I will try Vit. E and I didnt use bio oil for acne I used it to help old fade scars but got break outs instead atleast its helping with stretch marks


  5. Trish

    Used bio oil for acne as well for more than six months and there was no effect. My acne remained the same and my scars didn’t fade. After all the hype and positive reviews I thought it was just my skin.


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