Work It!

brm1Setting aside bathroom issues (the pee dance ain’t pretty) I think jumpsuits are hands down the best item of clothing you can own! They not only make you stand out in a way that is effortlessly stylish they make dressing that much easier. With the weather growing cold and dreary, the jumpsuit is becoming less of a trend and more of a staple. I love this particular one because it’s perfect for both casual and formal settings and I was so excited when I spotted it I couldn’t buy it fast enough. I love the pearl detailing on the shoulders, the high neckline and the skinny leg width that hits the ankle making it perfect for work. I accessorized with a scarf and a belt to define my waistline. Finished off by throwing a red coat atop the jumpsuit making it more work appropriate and a pair of red heels to add a dash of color.

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Jumpsuit – thrifted Adams Arcade

red coat – sunbeam also seen here

red heels – also seen here,here and here


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