Baby,It’s Cold Outside..

brm1Think date night, casual dinner or even a movie night this look promises to keep you warm and looking effortlessly stylish in a ‘you didn’t try too much even if you did’ kind of way. If it’s too cold you can always team it with a pair of stockings, throw on a trench coat or a pair of over-the-knee boots to add a bit of drama to your ensemble whatever takes your fancy. Depending with your work place you can also wear this dress to work but if you feel like you might be too casual, throw on a blazer and you can trust it to officiate things! I put on a slip dress under with this one to help curb the itchy yarns and also because of its allover perforated detailing. I preferred to let it flow loosely to give it a casual careless spin but if that isn’t your fashion you can always cinch your waist preferably with a wide belt.Finished the look with a pair of ankle boots,pink clutch and overstated jewelry for a brunch ready look. I hope you are fully convinced on why you need this seasonal staple in your wardrobe. For a different way to style a sweater dress see here.

Thank you for dropping by and sharing lovely!

Stay warm and Keep on smiling!


Sweater dress – Ngara (Fig Tree)

layered pearl necklace and chain link – favoured_jewels

Ankle boots – Adams Arcade



7 thoughts on “Baby,It’s Cold Outside..

  1. Rex

    Blessed girl. No belt and it still hugs the curved nicely! I love the accessories ans ankle boots are a killet look most times. Here in France, all girls just look good in winter boots.

    The touch of pink is a clever pick to complement the overalk pick! Wow i like! 😘


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