The Culotte


My mama calls them culottes and because we go way back I take her word for it:-)! I am new to this style but if there ever was a culotte bandwagon consider me sold, sealed and delivered. They are such a light and breezy blend of perfection. I always thought my office wear wardrobe would revolve around dresses, skirts and straight leg pants (strictly) but now I can add culottes to the party! I loved the fit of this particular pair and the fact that they are high waist but I just didn’t know what to do with them when it came to styling. But after pairing it with few items in my closet, I decided to go with a fitted navy blue top since the bottom is wide. They also have a loose laid back vibe that comes off as casual, sultry and sophisticated all at once making it a perfect for night or day.

Thank you for dropping by

Stay Chic

Have a Lovely Week Ahead

& Keep on Smiling!

❤ ❤


Pants – Ngara market

navy Blue top- thrifted

coat – thrifted

turquoise earrings – curio shop at Hilton hotel



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