The Skater Effect


When in doubt wear a skater dress/skirt. Want to be the standout in the bunch? The skater has got you covered. Nothing instantly makes me feel extra girly and exude femininity quite like the skater. I get this instant urge to find my inner girly girl and take her out for tea or to a picnic with teddy bears in the woods! More so if it’s floral! The one thing I absolutely love about them is their versatility. Because what’s life without choices? Secondly, I don’t have to try too hard because I always feel like I am dressed to the nines regardless of how simple the skater is coupled with an automatic pep in my step!
Though I mostly subscribe to the subtly vibe opting for simple plain colors I have seasonal episodes where I am all for bold prints and color blocking. I paired this particular floral skirt with a subtle lime top for a more preppy look.

Thank you for dropping by and sharing loves

Keep on Smiling

❤ ❤

Outfit Details

floral skirt – thrifted Ngara (fig tree)

Lime top – Toi market

bead necklace and bracelet – curio shop (Hilton hotel)






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