L e a t h e r|G r e y



Greet you all,

Lemme start by saying that I now understand why leather pants are a winter staple! The heavy and uncomfortable material can make a heat rash look like a welcome luxury. The idea of wearing leather on a hot day sounds about as delightful as sporting an open-back dress in the dead of winter. Leather is sexy and it’s great for going in and out of air conditioned buildings but you can only tolerate so much heat. This is a look perfect for the cold season when the sun goes down and comes back up months later.

However, leather is edgy, classy, sleek and extremely versatile making it not only hard to resist but also a wardrobe staple summer or otherwise! Here’s a low-down on how you can get away with wearing leather in the sweltering heat.
1. Choose a pair of loose, perforated flowy shorts, or a mini skirt.
2. Wear the smallest dose of it such as leather booties over a pair of pants or a leather jacket over a skater dress.
3. Buy leather pants that have a loose fit and design.
4. Choose your color wisely. The color black attracts more heat compared to any other color and though leather usually comes in black try going for a different color such as brown or burgundy.

Thank you for dropping by and sharing loves

❤ ❤

Outfit Details

Leather Pants – Adams Arcade

grey pullover – thrifted randomly in Ngong town

Brown strappy heels – also seen here

Pearl neck-piece(old) –  a shop at green house Ngong road










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