Meshing and Netting


Hola Beautiful people!

  Please grab a cuppa today’s post is a bit longer than usual!
I joined boarding school at a very young age after being tricked into thinking it would be a lot of fun. Well, it wasn’t! Apart from feeling homesick, one of the many things I struggled with was the morning routine; I hated every minute of it especially waking up. We would be woken up at around 5 am by a bell and the dorm captain singing a song that went a little something like this, “Good morning Jesus, Good morning Lord….” I hated that song and I think I still do because every morning all I wanted to do was cry! We had to wake up at that exact time and not a minute late lest the sister found you still in bed and there would be hell to pay! We’d say a short prayer and then proceed to fold the net, a hideous green net and there was a formula to folding it! In fact we had lessons on how to fold it and if you didn’t do it right chances of being called from class during the morning prep on a scale of one to ten it was 11! There were a lot of things I hated about the mornings such as the cold shower that followed, tasteless thick porridge and the morning cleaning duties. I could go on and on but I will summarize and say that boarding school felt a lot like Guantanamo to me well, at least until I got to class 7 and I got over it after realizing I was there to stay(translation:my persistent cries to be transferred to another school fell on deaf years). It took a while, three years to be precise but I accepted it eventually! Maybe the smokies that were introduced in the diet had something to do with my decision who knows!
Anyway I told you the above story because it has something to do with today’s ensemble. I bought this skirt at a thrift stall in Toi as a replacement for one I had bought earlier but had issues so I had to return it. I had wanted a skater skirt with a mesh over lay for a while but for some reason I hated this particular one and I regretted buying it as soon as I got home. There was something about its color that I didn’t like but couldn’t put my finger on, then it hit me, it reminded me of the hideous green mosquito net from boarding school! I was sure it would be sitting idle in my closet for a while but it surprised me by turning out to be one of my favorite skirts. I teamed it with one of the most beautiful crop tops I have ever owned! Its stripped, has a high top neck,sleeved and passes as either casual or official! WIN WIN WIN!
Thank you for dropping by loves
Stay Chic
& keep smiling it makes people wonder what you are up to!
❤ ❤

stripped crop top – Random shop in cbd

Mesh skirt – Toi Market

tan strap heels – Adams Arcade

Earrings – curio shop at the Hilton Hotel









9 thoughts on “Meshing and Netting

  1. kisskiss123456789

    Interesting story right there. I also went to a boarding school and we ate thick tasteless porridge.
    *I love this blog(ger).
    You signed off by saying ‘Stay Chic’. I feel excluded. 😦
    Keep up Rosemary.


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