The Girl in the Pink!


Photography by Halisee

Howdy folks,

As I write this article it’s raining heavily I don’t think this outfit is perfect for this kind of weather but then again it’s a blazer dress so I guess it wouldn’t be so far off right? Its fuchsia embellished with cute gold buttons making it a statement piece so just throw on a trench coat and it will take you from work to formal event and coffee after work. Don’t let the rain dull your sparkle!
But the one thing am sure is perfect right about now is a mug of coffee spiked with a few drops of vanilla essence it tastes so good I feel I have been taking coffee wrong all my life! Its sooo sweet which is surprising since I generally don’t have a sweet tooth and like my coffee bitter but this, I LOVE! It took a while for the universe to let me in on this vanilla coffee goodness but am here now and am here to stay!!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing lovelies

stay warm!

❤ ❤

Blazer dress – thrift store in westlands

kitten heels – B.S

lipstick -signature no.412

 gold polish – luron no.90








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