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Photography by Halisee

…you flaunt them! A few years back and a few kgs ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in a jumpsuit or anything that wasn’t a size or two bigger. Shopping was simple “anything baggy goes” was my shopping guide. I felt miserable, I was going through one of the worst “body hating “period of my life and it showed. You can spot a self-confident woman a mile away and that wasn’t me. I hated how I felt and struggled with it for a minute mainly because I was frustrated that I couldn’t get a quick fix. You know like just go to bed and wake up slimmer! Or just hop in a chemist and buy an array of slimming pills. I tried that and let’s just say that this is the only time I am thankful I was broke! Anyway, fast forward and suddenly there were frequent hospital visits as a result and I realized that it was time to get my fat behind up and do something about my weight. Little changes in my diet and simple everyday exercises one day at a time and that has been my journey thus far into actually buying a jumpsuit and flaunting my curves with pride. 🙂

Normally, I’d just let this jumpsuit shine in all its glory but with the weather here in Nairobi freeze and shine is not an option. I paired it with a faux fur vest coat and a pair of silver kitten heels. I cinched it to further emphasize my waistline with a silver belt. I like to face the buckle backwards because it’s much more fun that way. 🙂
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Stay Chic and Love thyself!!

faux fur vest coat-thrifted Adams

jumpsuit – market stall opp Tuskys Chap Chap

kitten heels – B.S

sequin clutch – thrifted randomly in Ngong Town