Lessons Learned Chasing Life in My 20s


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Life is tough but one thing is sure putting yourself down won’t make it any easier. Being in your 20s is one weird, wild emotional roller coaster. Sure, we all have our bad days everything goes wrong, nothing seems to go your way and you are just not feeling good enough but it stings just a little more when you are trying to get your life together. Everything feels like it’s one mistake away from falling apart. I have been told countless times how life is easier when you are in your 20s like life is one big party because you have less responsibilities. But when you have dreams, goals, ambitions and you are jobless wilting at the weight of your frustrations and expectations is not only possible but an inevitability! It’s been one year since I completed campus and everything is constantly changing some great, some not so good and others downright ugly! Personally, I found it jarring how unprepared I was for the “real world”. Clearly there is SO much that we experience after graduation that I would have been so grateful to learn before that day came. Here are some of the most important things I’ve learned so far some of which I wish someone told me and not just about getting married or having kids which was covered extensively in my sociology lectures! Thank you!
1. Making friends (& maintaining friendships) takes work.
In school we were used to being surrounded by people our age 24/7.In the real world you need to put yourself in situations where there are people your age, with similar interests and make an effort to build meaningful relationships. You’ll also lose touch with some of those you made in school.Blame it on the hustles of life coupled with the different zip codes…
2. Your first (and second, and third) job will not be your dream job. If you think of the first step of life after college it’s probably landing that first job. What no one tells you is that landing your first job is not like choosing where to go to college – you won’t research tons of options and pick the one that’s perfect for you for the next four years. Instead, you’ll try a job that interests you( and that has an opening) learn about that industry , make connections and have a better understanding of what you want to do next.
3. Life isn’t one long upward line- it’s a curvy line of ups and down. Looking at life like a line chart where the goal was to have an upward trajectory has caused me to take setbacks very badly and judge myself harshly during difficult times. I changed my perspective after realizing that life is more of a curvy line with ups, downs and in-betweens- heading forward rather than in an upward trajectory. I still do have my moments and episodes but I can honestly say it’s easier now for me to ride out the storm and even dance in the rain.
4. Learn to be your own support system. You are the one person that will 100% be with you through everything so you need to learn to support yourself and be your own cheerleader. Life keeps throwing us curve balls and admittedly we all need that someone (people) who will pull you out when you are drowning but life happens and people are not always there to save you so you do have to be your own super hero.
5. There are no rules in life; no right way to think or feel. Truth is there’s no rule book out there with a list of what’s right and what’s wrong. There’s no right way to act or feel.as long as you listen to your heart and do what feels right to you then you are doing “the right thing”.
6. Celebrate yourself, celebrate your achievements. Set minor goals and smash the hell out of them. There’s a certain high accompanied by accomplishing something you set your mind to no matter how small it is.It keeps you moving and helps you believe in your abilities when in doubt.one of the best advice I’ve received!
7. Finally, Breathe.
Don’t forget to breathe.
Hang on.
It gets easier.
Then it gets okay.
And then it feels like freedom!!

Thank You for Reading and Sharing loves

❤ ❤



9 thoughts on “Lessons Learned Chasing Life in My 20s

  1. Stephen Mangira

    Hey Rose,
    My name is Stephen,
    I love your posts and especially the blog and your sense of passion.
    I am mentoring these youths where I work and some of them have got this passion of fashion and everything.
    I am thinking of getting a one on one chat with you on this field that you are so passionate in. Maybe you could also mentor some of them.
    I am looking forward to your response.


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