Everyday Luxe


I have a gazillion sweaters and cardigans and have been trying hard not to buy anymore but it’s becoming increasingly difficult especially with all the cute designs and different colors that they come in. I came across this one as I was going through one of those ‘no more sweaters’ phase and also there were solid reasons not to buy it one of them being the crazy heat wave we have been experiencing lately. But I was so in love with its color and how it softly drapes on the chest that I couldn’t bring myself to leave it. Best Decision Ever! Its hands down my best sweater. Continue reading “Everyday Luxe”

Habit challenge of the month : February


Happy New Month Loves,

So, I am in search of a 48 hour day because there never seems to be enough hours in a day for me to do all the things I have to do.My day seems to be full of dozens of tasks and personal obligations. I know for a fact that I am most productive in the morning but somewhere along the way I decided that if I sleep in then I will be more productive. Big mistake! Continue reading “Habit challenge of the month : February”


brm1I am one of those guys who before purchasing any product especially skin products I spend a considerable amount of time on the internet reading reviews. I find that to be helpful since you can gauge beforehand what to expect from the product or if you should even buy it at all. I have found myself doing this ever since I discovered google and I figured it is important for me to share some of my experiences with guys out there who are like me and find reviews to be helpful. Continue reading “PRODUCT REVIEW: Bio Oil”