It’s Handled..


When I think about fashion I relate it to a having it all; the misguided notion that a woman has to be either smart or beautiful; powerful or pretty and not both is just sad and quite frankly demeaning. I believe you can be fabulous and fearless and you do not have to compromise who you are as a woman to fit somebody’s expectation of what power looks like. Yes you can be both successful and fashion-forward without sacrificing one for the other. Continue reading “It’s Handled..”


Meshing and Netting


Hola Beautiful people!

  Please grab a cuppa today’s post is a bit longer than usual!
I joined boarding school at a very young age after being tricked into thinking it would be a lot of fun. Well, it wasn’t! Apart from feeling homesick, one of the many things I struggled with was the morning routine; I hated every minute of it especially waking up. We would be woken up at around 5 am by a bell and the dorm captain singing a song that went a little something like this, “Good morning Jesus, Good morning Lord….” Continue reading “Meshing and Netting”

Viva la LBD!


Hey Loves

Karl Lagerfeld famously said:’ one is never overdressed or under-dressed with a little black dress.” And I couldn’t agree more it’s pretty hard to go wrong in this classic piece! One of the things I love about the lbd is its simplicity and sophistication. What’s more I can’t think of one occasion in which the black dress won’t have you covered. It’s one of those pieces that I believe every woman should have in her arsenal! Continue reading “Viva la LBD!”

Classic with a twist


It’s Friday night so I will keep it short and sweet!
The classic office look is probably the most common and easiest way to dress for the office regardless of your job but also the most likely to get you not only feeling bored but looking the part as well. Adding that dose of style can be a little challenging especially if you work at a place where casual smart is not an option! Continue reading “Classic with a twist”

L e a t h e r|G r e y



Greet you all,

Lemme start by saying that I now understand why leather pants are a winter staple! The heavy and uncomfortable material can make a heat rash look like a welcome luxury. The idea of wearing leather on a hot day sounds about as delightful as sporting an open-back dress in the dead of winter. Leather is sexy and it’s great for going in and out of air conditioned buildings but you can only tolerate so much heat. This is a look perfect for the cold season when the sun goes down and comes back up months later. Continue reading “L e a t h e r|G r e y”