Double Trouble!


Photography by Halisee

Ola! Mon’Amie,

I believe that when it comes wardrobe essentials the classic white button-down shirt automatically earns a spot at the top of the list. It’s the real deal: the true wear anywhere staple. Tuck it in or let it loose; tie it in knots or fashion an expert cuff – you can’t go wrong with this year-round essential. Trends come and go but the versatility of the white button-down is perpetual. Continue reading “Double Trouble!”


Monochrome and Vivid


Hey guys,

A simple recipe for a stand out look, co-ordinate a single-color ensemble. It’s a perfect cheat sheet to look effortlessly chic every day, any day. It also makes for a perfect office wear since it’s a simpler, cleaner approach to putting an outfit together because fashionably late is not an option in this scenario. Continue reading “Monochrome and Vivid”

Testing the Dungarees

brm4For a while now, I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with dungarees. I love them on other people but on me, not so much. However ,when I saw this dungaree dress I was in love I don’t know if it’s because I completely ignored the upper part due to how well the bottom part fit me because what are scissors for right? Or, for the slightly cooler and more feminine vibe to it. Continue reading “Testing the Dungarees”

Denim Dress-in

brm1Hey Darlings!
If I had to pick only a few wardrobe staples that every girl should have, a good chambray shirt would be at the top of the list. They are super versatile,cute and comfy especially if it’s made with soft denim. I have been trying to find a loose fit chambray shirt for a minute now to no avail. You know how you have this perfect look assembled in your mind but in real sense there is that one piece, in this case loose fit chambray shirt, missing to complete the puzzle look. Continue reading “Denim Dress-in”


Good Afternoon and happy almost weekend loves!


There are so many positive attributes about the pencil skirt that it is almost impossible not to have at least one hanging in your closet. I love pencil skirts I think they are classical pieces that never go out of style and can easily be styled to achieve different looks for either day or night. I wanted to put a casual spin to this otherwise official pin stripe pencil skirt and because it embraces the curves I decided to balance it out with a loose-fitting top. Continue reading “Blur”